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HOODIE’S HOUSE TO AGAIN PROVIDE FOR THE HOMELESS & UNDERSERVED Hoodie’s House to again provide for the homeless & underserved!
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Making A Difference Is What Matters Most

About Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth

Welcome and Thank You for visiting and connecting with the Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth and their new organization’s website. Here is where you will learn about Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth, as well as, the organization’s commitment to community and youth initiatives, the organization’s community based partnerships, and their exciting and engaging activities and events, as well as, their very ambitious goals for aiding and improving the educational, mentorship, homelessness and life and living skills for disadvantaged youth and young adults who reside within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet and learn more about “Who is Hoodie”, as well as, why along with their organization’s President Jeff Hood and a committed Board of Directors, they have decided to go about the business of aiding Charlotte-Mecklenburg and it’s surrounding region’s communities’ youth!

It is the passion of the Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth organization, to continually search for innovative opportunities and programs that promise to enhance the lives of those who are less fortunate and who deserve a chance at achieving success, a better way of life, as well as, to compete and engage on an equal playing field.

There is nothing more fulfilling than the smile on a happy child’s face or on the face of someone. Not even the sun can out shine that, The Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth prides itself on its efforts to uplift the lives of Charlotte-Mecklenburg area youth via its various life enhancing programs, thus brightening their lives and helping them to build a brighter future.

Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth, giving community and youth an opportunity to
Dream ~ Hope ~ Believe ~ Achieve


We’re always updating our website to provide you with everything you need to know about our programs and activities, so check back often.

The Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth organization seeks to support and aid in the development of affordable and accessible community based after-school programs, educational computer learning centers, group mentoring initiatives, substance abuse prevention and awareness programs, as well as, support initiatives that seek to aid persons that are affected by homelessness and/or hunger. We realize that this is a wide reaching goal. It’s achievable, though we cannot accomplish it alone. We’re laying the foundation, but we need your support. In order to make this dream a reality, we need your foresight, your manpower, and most of all, your financial or volunteer support. This mission can be a positive reality in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area because making a difference is what matters most!

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